November 22, 2022



Testimonial from Karen Maxwell, first - time audience member:

"Frankly, my more classically sophisticated husband had to hard-sell my visit to an EXO concert the first time. (Okay, he sort of had to drag me along.)  I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to classical music, but was pretty sure that when I did hear it, I wanted it to be played straight.

The title “Experiential Orchestra” caused some foreboding. Was this going to be too weird?Well, it wasn’t. It was a total and sheer delight. The Experience was an invitation to learn, to be thrilled, and to even “adopt” a musician from the orchestra to stand beside, during the performance.

The brilliant young conductor, James Blachly, and a group of very warm, and real, and welcoming musicians, filled us with music from the inside out.

We touched it, we wandered amongst it, and we experienced - there’s that word again! - an overwhelming joy from being part of, not separate from, a nearly magical musical experience. It was stunning, and not to be forgotten. Do it!"