New album! American Counterpoints on sale March 1

February 9, 2024


New album! American Counterpoints on sale March 1

American Counterpoints is the first album released by Experiential Orchestra since their Grammy® Award in 2021, and is the co-creation of Grammy®-winning conductor James Blachly, and 4-time Grammy® Nominee Curtis Stewart. Featuring the world-premiere recording of Julia Perry's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, the album asserts the central importance of composers Julia Perry and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson in American classical music, juxtaposing early and late works of both composers and interweaving their compositions with original music by Curtis Stewart.

Available for pre-order here:

“American Counterpoints refers to the compositional technique of interweaving independent melodies into a powerful whole, and the strength, integrity, and imaginative music that results. The title underscores how these two masterful composers were required to create new musical paths for themselves because the mainstream of classical music did not have a place for them centerstage. Julia Amanda Perry flourished in Europe, with only limited success in the United States. Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson's boundless musical talents found most success in film and television, jazz and popular music.

Yet despite being marginalized and largely ignored for many decades, both composers are essential to American classical music, and our intention with this album is to advocate for their music to claim its rightful place within the core of our American repertoire.”

-James Blachly and Curtis Stewart