Angela Hammond is a historical musicologist and ethnomusicologist whose scholarship has been anchored at the intersections of race and gender. For the past 27 years, she has worked to unravel the life and compositions of Julia Perry. This passion was initially sparked at the College Music Society's conference, "Women in Music: A Celebration of the Last Hundred Years," and further fueled by enlightening conversations with Dr. Mildred Denby-Green.

Angela's commitment to understanding Julia Perry's life and works led her to craft her Master's thesis, "Julia Perry: An Annotated Bibliography and Analysis of Short Piece for Orchestra." Throughout her research journey, she cultivated a collaborative partnership with Dr. Helen Walker-Hill. Together they worked tirelessly to uncover Julia's works and expand biographical insights, especially after Angela moved to the Perry family’s hometown of Lexington, Kentucky for her PhD studies.

Currently, Angela serves as the Planning and Research Advisor for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Public Protection Cabinet and the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s, Sports Wagering Division. In this role, she integrates her research skills into the development of policies and regulations, showcasing her multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering positive change.

Angela is honored to collaborate with this group of dedicated music professionals in the ongoing labor of love that is preserving the life and legacy of Julia Perry.

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